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Monday, July 30, 2012

13 Things I have learned as I approach 35!!!

As my 35th birthday approaches, I have learned a few interesting and some valuable lessons from both women and men. Some of the lessons were learned a while ago, but didn't make sense until now, other lessons have come in the last year or two. So I figured some of this stuff was worth sharing.... I can't say I would have believed most of it before now, but that didn't stop it from being a reality... Here goes :-)

1. Life will constantly give you opportunities to succeed, you just have to constantly expect them and go for it.

2. Right before something amazing happens to you, usually something very powerful and painful happens to you too, make sure you keep pushing through the painful part and expect something amazing to follow.

3. No matter how many people enjoy your company, you never really know your true friends until the party has ended and the work of friendship begins.

4. Never be afraid to restructure your life and the people in it, the longer you take to do whats best for you, the longer you wait to live your best life.

5. Stop allowing what you think others think about you to guide how you feel about yourself.... Everyone has experienced baggage, heartache and even issues with self-esteem.. If you remember to follow number 4, 5 will come with more ease.

6. Remember most people are opportunist, both women and men, unfortunately women, are just better able to conceal it. Men are obvious. Be observant and careful, but never be afraid.

7. A wise guy once said, " never chase/run after the game, let the game come to you."

8. A wiser women said, " Never confuse recreation with a relationship."

 9. If your family (mom, dad, aunts, uncles grandparents) gets a strong negative vibe about the person your dating, its a red flag, even if it isn't clear when they say it..... you can almost put money on it's accurateness. Go ahead and exit stage left!

10. Always give yourself room to make mistakes, learn to forgive you and it will make it easier to forgive the mistakes of others.

11. Forgiveness doesn't mean they have to occupy the same space that they did before, it just releases you and the other party involved to live on purpose and to live in peace.

12. If you do the right thing, right will follow you. Even if you can't see the story unfolding it is working for your good.

13. You deserve it! You plant seeds everyday in expectation that one day you will harvest everything you've planted, so when  the good you planted down through the years comes up, embrace it, don't be afraid of it and live the life you have always imagined. :-)

Love, Peace, and Comic Relief,